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Hi! My name is Atakan Türkan and I am a session drummer from İstanbul. I studied physics at Boğaziçi University. I practiced drums with Akın Bağcıoğlu throughout high school. I've been playing drums for over 15 years and have been recording drums from my home studio for the past few years. I use Logic Pro, Ableton, and Universal Audio. I play Zildjian cymbals and DW drums. To meet different recording sounds, two drum kits are always assembled and ready to record. One kit is for pop, rock, and R&B. The other kit is for jazz. I'd love the opportunity to play drums on your song.

Previously, I played with such artists as Zeynep Bastık, Deniz Tekin, Dilan Balkay, Min Taka, Fikri Karayel, Soner Sarıkabadayı, Aslı Demirer, Güliz Ayla, Bora Öztoprak, Sedef Sebüktekin,  and many more. 

Dw Drums
Dw Drums

Davul dersi için iletişime geçin! 
Atakan Türkan | Müzisyen | Davulcu


Şahkulu Mahallesi, İlk Belediye Caddesi, No:6 Daire 10 Çinili Han Stüdyolar Hanı, Beyoğlu İstanbul


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